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Our selection of yummy or crunchy treats are from a variety of cuts & sources.  Non weight-bearing bones are brilliant for healthy teeth & gums, plus provide a long lasting & natural mental engagement for your best buddy.

Most bones & chunks can be fed from frozen, making them last even longer!  A complete meal for smaller dogs or a wonderful snack for the bigger pupstar!

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Minimum delivery weight is 5kg, perfect for creating a mix & match!  Ordering in 4 or 5kg selections allows us to optimise packaging & keep delivery fees low.

We always suggest your dogs are supervised while eating bones & advise a quiet space where they can enjoy their treat in peace ;)

PLEASE ORDER IN 5kg quantities from this page

Chicken Wings 2kg £4.80

Whole chicken wings are a great meal replacement or crunchy treat for bigger dogs!

Chicken Feet 1kg £2.00

Rich in glucosamine & chondroitin, chicken feet can be fed frozen for extra crunch!

Duck Necks 2kg £4.50

Now in 2kg pack size. Meaty Duck necks have a greater meat to bone ratio than ribs for added vlaue.

Beef Chunks 1kg £3.40

High quality sirloin beef chunks are the perfect way to say I love you - to your dog ;)

Lamb Chunks 1kg £3.40

These quality lamb chunks are ideal as part of a mealr!

Lamb Necks 2kg £3.20

Meaty lamb necks are great as a main meal or can be added as a fat rich treat.

Lamb Backs 2kg £3.20

These backs are a good source of protein for dogs of all sizes - on their own or in the dish!

Mini Marrow Bones 2kg(Approx) £4.80

Yummy scrummy marrow bones make great treat but can be used for bone broth too!