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We own more dogs than most & we love them all to bits. Everything on our website has been tried, tested & enjoyed by our own pack, we've simply brought all our favourite things together in one place, at a great price. It's lovely to see you & if you've any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!​​​​​​​


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The Puradog Team

what started puradog?

We all know eating convenient over-processed food every day isn't good for us, but the pet food industry (worth millions) is reluctant to change with many vets tied into promoting certain brands.  Everything we stock has been comfort, taste & tummy tested on our own dogs & are products we continue to use daily!

is it expensive?

Dried food (kibble) & tins are often more expensive & contain harmful (potentially toxic) ingredients your dog finds hard to digest, resulting in big, fat sloppy poo, stinky breath, poor gums & dental health.

Raw food is healthier for your dog, your pocket & it's lots cheaper than recurring vet bills too!

what are we barking on about?

Our own dogs enjoy a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet. This means we feed them a balance of pre-mixed, human grade meat, offal & minced bone rather than tins or bags of dry food (kibble) found in supermarket pet aisles. 

Prior to the commercial pet food industry our dogs ate what they caught, scavenged or were given as scraps from our tables. These foods contained virtually no chemicals or additives & our canine chums tended to lead healthier lives & for longer.

...the good news!

Raw food awareness continues to grow with more choices available & a greater understanding that fresh is best, both for us & our four legged furries!

easy feeding guide

We know dogs evolved from wolves but domestication hasn't changed their tummies! When fed an appropriate  raw diet,  dogs retain uniquely designed gastrointenstinal acids which correctly digest their food & can also elimiate most parasitic worms without the use of chemicals.

Most dogs, including high energy breeds, working dogs, home-happy pets do brilliantly on a ratio of 80/10/10. That's 80% muscle meat, 10% bone & 10% offal content. We supply that as pre-mixed, balanced foods in easy to use frozen format in addition to super meaty raw bones to aid dental health & promote mental well being.

We find dogs love raw, happily switching overnight, however some take a few days to figure out where the additives have gone (the same reason we find processed foods so hard to ditch from our diet!) Introducing a handful of raw & removing one of processed food per meal offers a soft transition for junk food tummies!

which would he choose?

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As a family business we strive to provide only top quality products from proven suppliers, backed by excellent customer service.
Orders over £40 have FREE delivery, that is all. Food prices have been increased to help cover post and packaging costs.
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We expect every item you order from us to reach you, as they left us - in perfect condition! We are super stringent about any orders which contain items from our pantry or freezer. We feed our dogs exactly what we send you & we package everything correctly, sending orders as soon as we recieve them. We are reluctant to send frozen on a Thursday in case of carrier delay & for similar reasons we don't deliver on Saturdays, just in case.  All our products are sent in good faith & as agreed (if there is any delay we'll let you know!) If you're unable to sign for your order, or tell us to leave it in a safe location we're no longer liable for its condition.  Please keep in touch with us if you need to change your delivery date & we'll do our very best to accommodate you!

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